The production area extends to two different levels, and was designed to make winemaking procedures as efficient as possible, particularly during harvest. Latest technology and equipment is used throughout every step of the production such as destemmer, pneumatic press, stainless steel pre-fermentation maceration tanks for white and rosé wines, and stainless steel fermentation and stabilisation tanks with controlled cooling system. Chemical analysis is conducted at all stages of the making process to optimise the quality of the final products. The fully equipped laboratory of the winery and specialised staff are key factors that ensure the safety standards of ISO 22000 are met and the quality of our wines is optimum.

There are two separate cellars where the French oak barrels provide their beneficial characteristics to the wine, which undergoes ideal ageing conditions all year-round.
All our wines are bottled at the winery and some of them are left to age in the bottle in special aging rooms located in the basement of the winery.

Ktima Biblia Chora has been certified with the «ΕΛΛΑ-ΔΙΚΑ ΜΑΣ» since 2018, after meeting all the quantity and quality requirements of the organization: being a Greek owned business, located in Greece, producing Greek products, taking part in environmental and social activities, ensuring the health and safety of the employees, the consumers and the products produced.