Ovilos White


This wine is the result of combining two excellent varietals – Assyrtiko and Semillon (a Bordeaux varietal), which grow in the warmest but most barren spot in the vineyard, along the Pangeon hillside.

The Semillon’s aromatic expression and high ageing ability are complemented by the strength, structure and exceptional acidity the Assyrtiko offers.

After a brief pre-fermentation maceration of the grapes, the wine is fermented in French oak barrels. A few months in their wooden (oak) residence and their contact with the lees highlight their varietal character and add a rich complexity.

The wine has a bright yellow colour with light green hues.

Its fine nose is expressive, with aromas of apricot and honey coexisting with notes of tropical fruit and citrus. All of the above are enhanced by a delicate sense of nuts and vanilla absorbed from the barrel.

Its rich complexity is in perfect balance with the wealth of aromas of fruit, honey and nuts, and its refreshing acidity.

It is aged for up to 8 years, and develops into a rich, full-bodied wine with an exquisite bouquet of aromas.

Best enjoyed at 12°C.

Food pairing large grilled fish, seafood risotto, sushi, duck or stuffed turkey, rich cheese soufflé.