The winery

Production area

The production area occupies two different levels, and was designed to make wine-making tasks as efficient as possible, particularly during harvest. It is fitted with state-of-the art vinification equipment: destemmer, pneumatic press, stainless steel pre-fermentation maceration tanks for white and rosé wines, and stainless steel fermentation and stabilisation tanks with controlled cooling system.

Ageing in oak barrels

The area in which the wine is allowed to age in oak barrels consists of two rooms on separate levels and differing architecture. Hundreds of new French oak, 225 litre barrels impart their beneficial properties to the estate’s reds and some white wines under ideal storage and ageing conditions. The temperature is kept at a steady 14°C with 80% humidity year-round.

Quality Control

Stringent quality controls and analyses are conducted at all stages of the process to optimise production. With appropriately equipped laboratories and specialised staff with vast experience at our disposal, we ensure that the wine we market is top quality.

Bottling facility

The bottling facility is a continuation of the fermentation rooms and includes an automated bottling machine with a bottle washing, filling and corking system using either natural cork or Stelvin-type closures. Next to the bottling machine is the device that applies capsules and labels to the bottles. This process takes place a few days after bottling to complete the wine production cycle.

The storage area is a cavernous basement where the wines are kept at a low temperature, packed in cartons or wooden crates, until they are transported.

Reception area

The reception area welcomes visitors who arrive for a tour of the estate. It looks onto an enclosed courtyard at the centre of the winery which has been specially designed to host events, and offers a view of Pangeon Mountain rising above.

Ageing in bottles

The area in which wine is allowed to age in bottles in the winery basement is a series of arched alcoves where ideal ageing conditions are maintained. The alcoves are arranged on either side of a long corridor that leads to the tasting room, which looks onto the barrel ageing area. Visitors can stop here and sample the Ktima wines in an elegant space that combines classic and modern, and wood and stone with stainless steel surfaces and glass.

The upper floor of the winery houses four studios (named “Areti”, “Galipsos”, “Ovilos” and “Biblia Chora”) which are tastefully appointed to meet the accommodation needs of the estate’s guests.

Multi-purpose room

The multi-purpose room is fully equipped with a state-of-the-art audiovisual system and projection facilities to host conferences or other events, and looks out onto the upper barrel area.