European Day of Wine Tourism 2018

This year on Sunday November 11, we celebrate, along with many other wineries in Europe, the European Day of Wine Tourism. Our Winery will be expectng all of you to guide you through our facilities and you will have the opportunity to taste all our wines. This year,...

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Ktima Biblia Chora by

«Biblia Chora’s philosophy centers on producing premium wines that express the unique character of the Pangeon ecosystem. To achieve this goal, special care is taken during both cultivation and wine production, while making the most of the owners’ knowledge and...

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Decanter Awards

Our  wines gathered 10 Medals at Decanter World Wine Awards 2018, organized by Decanter, the world’s  best and most prestigious  wine magazine. Gold Medal  for: Ovilos White 2017 3 Silver Medals for: Areti  White 2013 Ovilos  Red 2012 Sole Vidiano 2017 4 Bronze...

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